Shaarav Jhaamb - 3 Apr 2020

Shaarav really enjoyed the social today. He had fun playing the Bingo, though he was disappointed that he didn't win! He enjoyed the break from lessons and had fun interacting casually with his friends.

Shagun, Mother of Syona and Aryavir Brar - 22 Mar 2020

Dear teachers and Ardee School Management,

Thank you for the initiative to conduct the online classes and also for sending along school work for little ones. My son ( grade 1) and daughter ( grade 5) are both engaged constructively through the day. The classes are being conducted very well by the teachers. Corona is not being able to make a dent in the children's learning routine this way. Much appreciate the initiative and dedication.

I would also like to add that even the PTM was conducted very well this last Thursday and Friday. I got one on one time with the subject teachers, their consice feedback on the children and a plan was put in place for them for future. Very well executed.

Thank you once again for making online learning possible for our children.

Rachel and Dax Carville and Rene Griffin (Grandma) - Lorraine Carville, EYFS - 21 Mar 2020

Dear Amrita,

We just wanted to commend the teaching faculty at the Ardee schools and especially in Gurgaon on finding ways to connect with students and parents via video conferencing and study from home assignments for the kids.

It has truly been a pleasure and very encouraging for my daughter, Lorraine who misses Bina m'am and Payal m'am as well as all her classmates.

Thank you IT team for enabling the PTA and all mentors once again for doubling up as Mom's for our children in school.

Sakshi Jain & Aditya Jain (Saisha’s Parents- Blue A) - 21 Mar 2020

Respected Amrita Mam,

We are really short of words when it comes to thanking Ardee School (the principal, teachers and other support staff) for their extra effort and pains that they take for everything.

In the times, when the whole World is fighting with Covid-19, hats off to the Ardee School for still organising PTM via video conferencing. Special thanks to the IT department for smoothly conducting the PTM.

Saisha has been missing school so much and through video conferencing, she could see and talk to Apei Mam and Aparajita Mam. Thank you teachers for so much love and care that Saisha doesn’t want to be home for a single day. Thank for shaping her in what she is today.

Ardee School ROCKS!!!

From a devout Ardee parent now and forever - 20 Mar 2020

Dear Ardians,

Today i am a proud mother of the son who if rightly said was raised to be a beaming bright kid only by Ardee mentors.

Ardee has been that pillar in our childrens life which not only provide support but is placed highly on principals, constant motivation, par excellence mentors and now cutting edge technology. My respects for one of the best institutions in the country for producing coruscating geniuses in their own way. Special mention to Rupa maam, Rohitash sir, Swati maam , Bina maam , Payal maam, Sakshi maam and every childs favourite the great Atul sir who over the years have put in tremendous effort in my child to bring out the best in him. The final flourish i would say is Ms Preeti and Amrita maam who's endless contribution to the children of this school has made Ardee what it is. Preeti maam despite all odds and blows, you have hung in there for our children like no other mentor. My sincerest reverence to you and your team. Lastly i am leaving with a very heavy heart but maybe my child has destinies elsewhere but my heart and soul will remain with the Ardee family which is not only my sons school but has become an integral part of my life.

I would cherish forever the coffee mornings with the faculty, the startup dance that i always longed to do with the children, the intriguing conversations with Preeti and Neera maam, and the profound love and proximity to all the teachers, didis and bhaiyas. My earnest thanks to the whole of Ardee family for making Viraaj what he is today.

Amreesh & Saba Singh - 3 Mar 2020

Dear Amrita Maam & class Blue mentors,

This is to express our gratitude and to thank you for presenting us the annual showcase. Words would be less to describe the effort and hard work that has been put in to make it a success.

It clearly depicts pure love and patience from the mentors. Each child performed with excellence without being forced or prompted, at their own pace with confidence.

Children were so excited to be a part of it and were so happy to be presenting it to their parents. Ekavir woke up earlier than usual and tells me to hurry up, so that he’s not late for his annual day.

I must also add that the teachers did very well by making the children keep it as a surprise for us. We had no idea and were ao pleasantly surprised.

All in all, Miss Apei, Miss Aprajita and Miss Vartika thank you for all your time, selfless love and compassion towards our kids. It is extremely heart warming to see that they your children as much as they are ours !!

Vaishnavi - 17 Feb 2020

Dear Atul sir and team,

I would like to extend my wishes and congratulations on organising a very enjoyable and fun sports day wish you have more of these activities will keep the kids in good form.

Cherry Jain - 15 Feb 2020

To Neera ma'am, Preeti Ma'am, Amrita ma'am, the Teachers, Atul Sir, the Admin staff and all the support staff,

Thank you so much for the fun we had watching all the students at the sports day. Over the past few weeks, we know that you and the children have put in hours of your time in all the gruelling practices. While we have heard the children complain of how tired they get, we also realise that you must also have been exhausted planning and executing all of this and making sure it goes off like clockwork. Thank you so much for all the effort you all have put in.

Next time, we must have a teachers race as well. Let all the students cheer for their favourite teachers. Also, the live drums were an excellent addition. Kudos to your drummer. She is very talented.

Ruchita - 24 Jan 2020

Dear Amrita maam and Ms Vartika,

Yesterday we were doing activities from a book that we have at home. So there was a page to mark the odd one out. So in order to check I asked her (Alankrita) and she gave me an example of odd one out by saying that in house we all had cough but you (that's me) are the odd one. Was very happy that she clearly understood the concept. Thank you for all the effort put in by the Mentor.

Poonam Gupta - 4 December, 2019

Thanks a ton for making Maahira's Birthday celebration so special at the school . All of us really enjoyed it. Her grandparents were particularly impressed with everything and everyone.

You guys rock .

Swati Sharma (Parent of Lavanya Sharma Year 5) - 8 November, 2019

Dear Ma’am,

Good Afternoon, I wish to express my profound appreciation for the awareness Ardee School is creating regarding the alarming and continuous decline in the quality of air and the actual reasons behind it.

As I read the update on the recent paddy burning/ pollution issue, I realized that Ardee School does not shy behind usual replies and responses but stands up and fight for the health and well-being of its students.

I feel proud being an Ardee school Gurugram parent, as I realize that my ward not only is aware of the Situation, but is a part of the movement wherein she demands the rectification of the situation. After seeing the updates on the climate control march which was taken by the Ardee Students twice during the past months, I know that my daughter is receiving much more beyond school education. She is growing into a true Global citizen.

I would also like to thank you and Ardee School Gurugram heads for making Ardee Campus a safe place wherein students can come without me worrying about the Air quality, as I know that Ardee School maintain healthy Air quality indoors and makes sure that during red days students involve in various indoor sports and games activity and no aspect of learning process is compromised.

Vaishnavi - 9 September, 2019

Dear team,

Kindly accept my appreciation of the way Hemashree’s grandparents were assisted during the grandparents day last Friday.

They really appreciated all the assistance they received.

Thank you!

Doel Nandi - 8 September, 2019

Extremely innovative and interesting way to teach for keeping up the enthusiasm of the kid while learning.


A Happy Parent - 5 September, 2019

Dear Teachers,

Thank You for everything!

You probably dont hear this often enough as mostly all you get to hear is complaints and criticism. As parents, we often forget to thank you for all that you do for our children.

You are more than just teachers. This school is what it is only because of its teachers and I thank you again, for all that you do for my children; For always taking that extra step.

This is a thank you for teaching them more than maths and english. This is a thank you for teaching them to be good people, for sometimes knowing them better than us, and for taking such good care of them.

All of you are the strength of this school and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. You will always hear the criticism and what you didnt do right, but on this one day, I would like you to know, that you all are definitely doing something right, to get all the respect from your students and their parents.

Thank you,

Bhavika Kumar - 20 February, 2018

This is in reference with the showcase held in School on 16th feb Friday . I would like to thanks ms Kanika and ms Vashi mam for bringing the best in my daughter Zara . I was thrilled to see her performing, it is from the utmost hard work and patience both the teachers have put in her.

It has been a pleasure to have such great mentors for our daughter Zara.

Cherry Jain - 9 February, 2018

Dear Ma'am,

This is just to let you know that the movie evening was a very nicely organised event. The kids enjoyed the movie and so did we.

I hope more such evenings are organised in the future, and more students and parents participate.

Ekta Sharma - 12 December, 2017

Dear Vasudha Mam,

It was nice experience and stalls were all amazing and very well planned executed and organized. We enjoyed a lot.

Thanks for sharing, video is really great!

Deeksha tully - 7 December, 2017

Dear maam Its an honour to tell you that my son is better at hindi than me at this age only. All thanks to your efforts that the children are so good with their basics and are able to understand the language so well. We as parents really appreciate the pains taken by you as viraaj has shown tremendous improvement in your subject.


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