Bhawani Marwah (NFC) - 12 Nov 2020

Dear Maam,

Thank you so much.

It is such a beautiful presentation. Dakshraj was super excited to see it and has really enjoyed his time with you this term. As I mentioned Maths is his favorite subject and he really enjoys his classes with you.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you and the team at Ardee School for all the time and effort put in to helping Dakshraj move up the learning curve.

Nitika Bawa (NFC) - 11 Nov 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I would like to Thank Ms Meenal and Ms Tusheen for celebrating Reyansh's birthday with the class and making it so special and memorable for us.

As parents we are truly blessed to have both of you as his mentors. The way you celebrate each occasion whether its birthday or festival, its truly commendable.

The celebration for Diwali with so much activities was too good. The efforts done by all students was amazing and it's because of you both the children are showing their skills. They are so comfortable with you and look forward to every occasion to celebrate with you.

Really appreciate. Thank you so much ma'am.

Shivani Snehi (NFC) - 11 Nov 2020

Hello Ma'am,

The virtual Diwali celebration was real fun. It's great that we are also getting to celebrate the festivals Ardee style. All the activities jointly presented a full picture of the festival... Like... see, do and learn.... kids can easily remember and enjoy.

Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement to the kids. Hope you are in good health.

Wishing a happy, healthy and safe Diwali to you from all of us.

Prachi Biswas (NFC) - 6 Nov 2020

Dear Ms. Tusheen and Ms. Meenal,

I am really touched with the amount of labour your both do with our kids, it's really commendable.

The way you both guide and give them direction, ensure each child participates in the classes is really appreciable. Virtual classes seem no less than the real ones with all the hardwork you all are doing.

Even for the SA, guess we are absolutely stress free with the kind of preparations and revisions you all are making them do.

A big thank you to you both and everyone at Ardee for making these tough times seem so easy.

Vinita Nagpal Kohli (NFC) - 6 Nov 2020

Dear Seema Ma'am,

A very Good morning to you! Hope this mail finds you very well!

Thank you so so much for conducting such a wonderful session yesterday for us parents, it has really made me as a parent introspect on my parenting skills and as well has given me much needed upliftment. Your guidance is truly valued and appreciated.

It was good to know I am not the only one going through these every day challenges and learnt ways on how I could deal with situations and help my self to be a better parent.

A Big Thank you to you to the school, for always being so thoughtful and finding ways not only to uplift their children but us parents as well !

Thank you once again for creating a positive difference in our lives! Can't wait for the next collaboration.

Cherry Gulati (NFC) - 30 Oct 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I have been meaning to send you a note and I think this is perfect timing to say a big thank you. I am so grateful that Anhad got you as his teachers. The kids have been feeling lost, disconnected n directionless with Covid and being homebound. A teacher who is so engaging and learning oriented is a perfect way to bring them back to how a normal school kid life needs to be.

Thank you so much for everything you do for the kids and for generating involvement and participation. It can be a challenging thing to do in a virtual school and it seems so seamless and natural with you as a teacher.

Thank you for your patience with Anhad and taking out time to connect with him.This surely has gone a long way in giving him a sense of belongingness and making him feel associated with this new normal way of school.

Vibhuti Arora (NFC) - 30 Oct 2020

Dear ma'am,

Thank you so much for the appreciation letter for Neev . We all are so thrilled to get that from his mentors. He is elated and over joyed with those kind words.

We truly believe that it wasn't possible without your love, guidance , patience and most importantly encouragement. During this new normal, regular encouragement from the mentors is the only driving force for the kids to do well.

We whole heartedly thank The Ardee School, the mentors and the coordinators for structuring everything so well that kids are getting the best of education during this pandemic too.

Neev and I are all the more motivated to keep delivering the best and keep up your words.

Thanking you once again.

Sunita & Raman Chhabra (NFC) - 1 Oct 2020

Dear Ms. Nishtha,

We Thank You, Ms. Tanya, Uncle Jose & The Ardee School wholeheartedly for celebrating our daughter Naaz Chhabra’s birthday yesterday with full enthusiasm.

We highly appreciate the efforts & initiatives taken by your good selves to make Naaz’s Birthday ‘a Special One’.

Naaz thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations & was elated throughout.

We are highly grateful. Thank You All once again.

Sayma Ansari (NFC) - 1 Oct 2020

Dear Ms Isha

Hope this email finds you well.

We plan to spend our long weekend at my mum's place, as soon as Areeba can to know of this,she pulled out her suitcase and started to pack!!

To my surprise I was amazed by the way Areeba was folding her T shirts!!! It was sure a delightful to watch her work independently.

Thank you for bringing out the best in our children, always.

Dr. Parul & Rajat Sachdev (NFC) - 8 Sep 2020

Dear Ms. Nishtha,

We just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the efforts you and Ms. Tanya have put in for making Reyansh's birthday a memorable one. He is extremely lucky to have both of you as his mentors.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Shikha and Unlce Jose for joining the celebration and making it extraordinary.

Reyansh is extremely thrilled to read all the messages posted by his Mentors and friends on Padlet and the Greeting Card.

Astha Arora (NFC) - 4 Sep 2020

Dear Miss Neha

There will be no better day then this to tell you that you are really special to Kiyansh.The way you have pulled him earlier and even now is wonderfu. I am grateful to you for all your efforts always. Its hard to find dedicated and amazing mentors like you.

I would like to congratulate Miss Pooja and the complete Ardee team for doing such wonderful job in these tough times.

A Big big thank you to all of you.

Raman & Harjeet Singh(NFC) - 3 Sep 2020

Respected Ma'am

We would like to extend our gratitude towards the entire Ardee team for making Pujita's birthday so special. Big thank you to Ms Pooja Arora, Mr. Brennon, Ms Pooja Bhatia and all the mentors for making her feel special.

In this period of the pandemic celebrating her birthday virtually was a different experience and she was so excited and happy to cut the cake with her friends and mentors.

Thank you all for your warm wishes and blessings.

Mee Hyun Kyung (NFC) - 1 Sep 2020

Good evening ma'am

Hana said that she could feel "kind" from all the teachers.

She said KIND! And designed, painted by herself all :)

Thank u for welcoming her with warm heart. I felt very much impressed when you were introduced her and ask many things regarding her.

Actually Her previous school's environment was very much closed, strick and authoritative. Hana is very obedient and happy to learn in any where. so she said all the time She doesn't have any problems in school but I know She was not easy to survive from her school because some classmates used to say regarding her small eyes, different face color and teacher didn't care about her feeling, difficulties as foreign student.

So I just felt like tears would fall when I saw that all the classmates and teachers asked regarding her and her country South Korea with full of open and warm heart to her.

I think Hana also felt some thing and impressed. She was very very happy and excited.

Thank u very much ma'am

Me and my husband are thinking We made wonderful decisions.

Thank God :)

I hope you also happy with us and we may be beautiful coworkers for our kids !

Thank u ma'am

You are so KIND !!

Vibhuti Arora (NFC) - 31 Aug 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I hereby, take an opportunity to thank whole heartedly Miss Radhika and Miss Anuradha for putting lot of effort and heart in conducting the virtual classes. Neev enjoys each and every session with both of you. Thats the reason he has not missed a single day and single class with you. You both are doing a fabulous job, by making the class very interesting and enriching. I also appreciate the fact how you make sure that each and every student gets his / her chance. Thanks for being patient, readily available, and imparting the best of knowledge to the kids.

Prachi (NFC) - 29 Aug 2020

Dear Ms.Tusheen,

It's overwhelming to see such lovely wishes for Mishika....I am really very touched to see how you all make efforts to make the student feel so special and like a family...

Thank you so much for everything, Mishika is very happy!!

Stuti (NFC) - 29 Aug 2020

Hello Ms. Aditi and Ms. Ishita,

Tashya selected these 2 adjectives, Amazing and Awesome, one for each of you, wishing you a Happy Teacher's Day!

As a parent, I feel Tashya is blessed to have mentors like you, so supportive, creative and engaging while teaching them academics and instilling in them important virtues like patience, good manners and good language. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards both of you, who have managed to transform online learning from a parent intensive ritual to a child engaging and enriching journey.

I am so glad to witness Tashya enjoying school thoroughly and on the path of becoming an independent happy learner!

All the credit goes to you, Ms. Aditi and Ms. Ishita, our "incredible" mentors.

Thank you,

Gauri Kalra (NFC) - 29 Aug 2020

Dear mentors,

I must begin my email by thanking you all for planning a great curriculum. The world study cirriculumn, all that children learn about the environment- earth and its correlation to the current pandemic has a deep and strong impact on the them.

Meher and We have always in small ways tried to use eco-friendly ways, however, it now reflects in her pretend play too. That sure tells a lot about the impact from the learnings.

I am so proud and happy to share her pictures where she has recreated the chipkoo movement using her dolls and a plant. It’s a delight to see them learn so much about their planet and it’s sustainability.

Thank you all for the efforts you all put into their learning and growth.

Vidisha Goel (NFC) - 29 Aug 2020

Dear Ma’am,

It gives me immense pleasure share the video of my daughter ‘Amaira Goele’ of class 1B learning how to prepare enriching soil for planting and do mulching. It’s so joyful to see that she love plants so much that she wanted to learn how to improve the overall health of the plants.

The world study classes makes a lot of difference. They have a great impact on our children.

Moreover, every month they get an opportunity to learn about a new personality who has effectively contributed for the world in some remarkable manner.

I’m proud to be a part of a school which promotes not only academics but teaches them how to keep our environment clean and green along with so many other things.

Harsha and Gourang Das, Parents of Parnika (NFC) - 10 Aug 2020

Dear Ma’am

We are happy to share with you that Parnika has secured admission in Grade 5 of the Taipei American School. As part of the admission process, she was required to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), which is considered a very tough exam, with students who normally get 80%+ scoring in the range of 50-60 percentile. It has four sections, two in English and two in Maths.

You will be happy to know that Parnika got 98 percentile in both math sections and 72 and 81 in English sections. While we were pleasantly surprised, the school was equally astonished as this kind of score in Math was extremely rare.

We cannot thank Ardee and the team of teachers who have been such a significant reason for her performance. Her clarity of concepts and willingness to work hard is something that you have inculcated and encouraged. I think this is also a vindication that Ardee is preparing its students for success anywhere in the world. At times like these, we are so happy that we chose Ardee for our children. She is excited to join the new school and her confidence is also an attribute that is a clear outcome of the nurturing by you and your team.

As she starts a new phase of her life, We would like to once again thank the Ardee family for bringing Parnika to this level and for being a part of our experience. We wish Ardee much more success and hope to come back sometime in the future.

Gauri Parakh, Parent Meher Parakh (NFC) - 7 Aug 2020

Dear Ms Nidhi,

This email is to extend our compliments and gratitude to you and the team. It was an extremely small incident that happened in class today and I made a note of it.

Meher is most often alone in the virtual class and she manages pretty well. Today at some point of class she unmuted herself and asked you to request Ms Jyoti to whistle slowly as her brother was napping. I could hear her from the other room.

It was very kind of you to show her so much warmth and say we will do it immediately. A very small gesture but believe it had a very deep impact on both me and Meher.

It was reassuring to see how sensitively you deal with children and encourage their emotions and empathy.

M Sufian Siddiqui & Fauzia Siddiqui (NFC) - 7 Aug 2020

Dear Ms Chhavi & Ms Nishchint,

Apropos to your appreciation e-mail for Ibrahim, we feel constrained to share our feelings with you that we are exceedingly delighted and over the moon to learn about our child’s accomplishments. Considerably, as solicitous parents, it gives us extreme solace and contentment when our child is appreciated for his endeavours, especially by his preceptors.

We earnestly feel that you along with the entire Ardee School Management Team equally deserve the credit for creating such a congenial and efficacious environment for children, which consequently makes assimilation of learning for them so amenable besides keeping them motivated.

However, transcending challenges, amid the Global Pandemic of COVID-19, you truly deserve an applaud for not letting the primacy of learning of children getting impeded or undermined in any manner whilst making Ibrahim such a receptive, avid and copious learner. We wholeheartedly appreciate your positivity and constant encouragement of Ibrahim in all the virtual sessions, which is indeed acting as a catalyst for brightening the days of our child during this gloominess.

Thank you so much once again for being such wonderful mentors.

Ambica Poddar (NFC) - 31 July 2020

Dear Pooja Maam

This is a letter of appreciation for the turnaround in classes in the past 1 week, use of different activities to engage the students, and interesting methods to keep the interest level high. I really liked the fact that the class mentor is available for all sessions and keeps the momentum of the students high even during tech lags , and also ensures each child gets a chance to speak.

I am very happy with Ms Neeti’s way of conducting her classes. I can see how Ananya applies her mind and thinks of examples for the concepts being taught,. That shows how well the teacher is executing her lessons.

The last 2 weeks have been tough for the parents but more for the school, and you all have taken all that parent feedback and changed the direction completely. Huge kudos to the team.

Looking forward to a very interesting and informative year.

Sourabh Chattopadhyay (NFC) - 31 July 2020

Dear Ms. Pooja and Ms. Bindu,

Thank you for arranging the virtual dinner with the students last evening. Dayani loved it - she loves celebrations and she treated it like one, got dressed up and prepared for it and made sure that we were also all very prepared. It's a very kind and wonderful gesture by you both and thank you for arranging it.

Be well.

Nitika Bawa, PSA- Grade 1 (NFC) - 22 July 2020

Dear Ma'am,

On the behalf of grade 1, I would like to Thank you for the informative session 'Living with wildlife' by Ms Chandni.

The session was full of learning where not only the children were engaged but parents too. Everyone was glued to the screens so that they do not miss anything. The children were delighted to see all the animals in midst of the pandemic. You not only make learning fun but interesting and informative too.

Thanks to the Ardee team for putting so much efforts to make lessons interesting for our children.

Rashmi & Trinath (Aishwarya's parents) (NFC) - 22 July 2020

Dear Shivani maam and Shweta maam,

We want to thank you for the wonderful classes that are being conducted for the children along with the support of other mentors like Ms Divya, Ms Monika, Ms Seema, Ms Shefali, Ms Mamta and others.

While it has only been a few days we are very happy to see Aishwarya responding well to the classes which is largely because of the enthusiastic and involved manner in which you are conducting the classes. We are here to support you and encourage you to keep up the good work.

May we all have an enriching and fun session this year.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Aparna Sanyal (Tara's mother) (NFC) - 22 July 2020

Dear Ms. Daman,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that Tara really enjoys her classes, and looks forward to them. For us as parents, there could not be a better barometer of how the classes are going.

We are particularly pleased that the classes involve different kinds of activities, and that there isn't a singular focus on academics. We were also very impressed with the World Study topic - Rachel Carson. It is good to have such a powerful female role model being discussed at this young age.

Tara has dealt quite well with the hours so far, and will be disappointed that the classes will end earlier.

Thank you for being such a pleasant and accommodating teacher. I am sure it is not easy to deal with 12 kids online.

Nancy Miglani (NFC) - 16 July 2020

Dear Mam

For Grade 3, So impressed with the way classes are set up, & scheduled, It’s fun and not at all monotonous, Kids are having fun attending it.

Shilpi Pratap M/o Abhiveer Pratap (NFC) - 16 July 2020

Dear Ms Bindu,

I am writing this mail to drop in a small note of appreciation for starting this new session with meditation, prayers and gratitude with our children!

I truly appreciate the value creating education you are imparting. Specially in these times, it’s very important that we all learn to look within to discover our intrinsic joy! I believe in this beautiful journey that you have set our children on and I congratulate you for the same!

Wishing you all the best with all my heart!

Vinita Nagpal Kohli (NFC) - 14 July 2020

Dearest Naina Maam,

As we will be starting our new journey into a primary school from tomorrow we feel extremely excited but also feel a little hollow inside.. we are truly grateful to have been treading on an path with you till now. You have made our journey a truly memorable one!

I want to Thank you so so much for one more time, for always being there for our emergency calls and emergency uplifting times or just assuring us the little ones are doing great. From turning our crying babies on the 1st day of school to chirping flying sparrows now, you have played a big role!

As a parent when we started with Ardee, we were just seeking a good platform for our child to educate her with the new age learnings. Since you were our 1st point of reference you have not only guided and taught us how we could be better support system to school, but also how we should we be a better support system to our future young ones and help to mould them to be free thinkers and great leaders.

We will be missing you very much, Semhar still hopes she would see you around popping in and out of their classes, connecting with them and pampering and encouraging them always. Love and Regards forever!

Dimple Chawla (NFC) - 8 July 2020

This is very informative. Thank you for your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped us tremendously throughout the sessions.

Without your guidance and direction, these classes would have been more challenging. I appreciate you being stern and letting us know how to move in appropriate direction to give knowledge to our kids.

I understand the past few months would have been hard for you and your team, but you are doing the best during this remote learning time. Setting up the new lessons, finding new ways to check in on and connect with your students in this pandemic COVID -19 situation is commendable.

You are using existing resources and tools in new ways. While there have been many challenges and are more to come, I am so grateful for your efforts creativity and kindness.

Eduction may look different right now but the commitment , the care you are providing to the students and families are very helpful. Please accept my sincere gratitude and acknowledgment of your hard work, initiatives and flexibility.

Wishing happiness and safety of you and your family.

Pooja Chawla (M/O) Krisha Chawla (NFC) - 1 July 2020

Respected Vernica Ma’am,

Accept my warm greetings for the day !!!

Writing this mail in respective of the experience I and my daughter cherished over a few months with you ...As they say a teacher is the second mother of any child at school, you proved exactly the same ...It was indeed a great blessing for my child to nurture under you, to have you as her the very first guardian angel at school from her initial days till date ... My daughter had shared a great level of bond with you just because you gave her that comfort zone where she could just portray her own self in front of you and you welcomed it with open arms...

You in short became her best friend that she could look up to every new day ️the way you conduct virtual classes is simply matchless, The way you narrate stories -you turn every head around you, it’s that commendable...You not only engrossed other children but my daughter too ...

Thank you for being so awesome and creating a magical aura, an infectious bond with my child ... I fall short of words but I will be grateful to you forever ...Thank you for your precious time with my child ...

Now that she will have another mentor, I am nervous ,excited have all sorts of mixed feelings if my child would gel up with her and share the same equation with the new mentor or not...just hope she sails smoothly with her too ...

Once again thank you from the depth of my heart ...appreciate your every single effort !! Wishing you the best in all your upcoming endeavours...

Sayma (NFC) - 13 June 2020

Dear Ms Pooja

Hope this email finds you well. It's always so good to hear from you.

How wonderfully you have put together the events from the whole year,it's as if it went by in a blink of an eye.

I would especially mention the Reading programme,efforts from school have been tremendous and Annem has gained a lot from it. He was motivated to read a lot more than he usually does.

Really appreciated all the efforts taken by school for the during the school year.

Thank you for always being there and listening.

Afsana and Siddharth Chowdhri (NFC) - 13 June 2020

Dearest Radhika Divya and Pooja ma’am

I wanted to give you some honest feed back about year 1 for my son Aryaveer P Chowdhri

Firstly we would like to thank Pooja for all the hard work you have put in with these kids, lockdown or no lockdown you have been there for them ! You have been a big support to us through the years and thank you for always helping us out , As you know , Aryaveer was extremely unsettled at the beginning of the year as ALL his friends moved to other schools, if you remember there was a point he refused to go to school , and with the numerous discussions, meetings and dozens of emails and all your efforts the year has passed by without any issues ! Thank you for the smooth transition Pooja!We are very grateful.

We would like to thank Radhika and Divya ma’am for the fabulous job you have done with Aryaveer! You both have been amazing and he’s been extremely lucky to have you as his mentors, you have always been available for discussions, prompt responses to emails and queries and as parents we feel you were always accessible, I’m sorry for bombarding you with so many emails Radhika Maam , thank you for your patience!you have gone beyond your call of duty on numerous occasions,especially the time when Aryaveer was sick, he still fondly recalls you taking care of him when he was sick in school and I’m very grateful for that!

The online module was fantastic, kept the kids engaged and I can’t imagine the amount of effort you all must have put in for those. The weekly reports we always looked forward to seeing them} field trips, the soccer match, book character parade, Diwali and Christmas celebrations have made this a memorable year!

A special note of thanks to Shivakant and joy sir for pushing Aryaveer in the enrichment classes for chess, you both have been fabulous. please do forward our wishes to them.

Best wishes to all of you for the coming academic year ! We love you !

Priyanka Daftary Dawar (NFC) - 2 June 2020

Dear Miss Divya,

There are no words to describe what a positive influence you have been on Natasha. As this academic year comes to such an uncertain end in view of the covid pandemic, we are ever so grateful for everything, specially during the virtual classes, ensuring that the children are happy and excited to attend the classes and they really felt like they were in class with you and not sitting in front of a computer screen.

Natasha is extremely sad that she couldn't spend the last 2 months of year 1 with her friends and mentors. The virtual hugs were just not good enough. She misses all the group hugs and high fives unsure of when that will be possible again. The new normal is a very scary thought for a 6 year old who just wants to be a child and hug her friends and mentors alike.

Divya ma'am you have redefined what a teacher is for me, the online classes have only strengthened my faith in Ardee school (if that was even possible), the way you taught and ensured each child was included in everything was just inspiring.

All the mentors know the children inside and out and can tell how they are feeling by just the look on their faces. Natasha looks upto you all and I am so grateful that she has such brilliant mentors and role models. She is blessed and so am I.

There is a quote that sums up the way you teach completely..... 'The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.’ –Alexandra K. Trenfor

None of us know what the future holds and when the children will be able to come back to school and what the new normal will be. We can only hope and pray for a miracle and that there will be no new normal and life goes back to what it was for the sake of these little ones who have taken this whole situation in their stride and have shown us that our future generation is stronger and wiser than we ever were at their age and I do attribute that to the wonderful mentors at Ardee.

My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Pooja, Ms. Isha, Ms. Tamanna, Ms. Sunita, Ms. Mamta, Ms. Seema, Prabhat sir, Malan Sir, Suffian Sir, Uncle Jose, Ahmad Sir, Salman Sir, Ms. Kanika, and so so many more mentors and support staff who Natasha would know, but I would not have had the good fortune to meet.

Each and everyone of you have so much love for the children and are always there for them and us parents as well. One could not ask for a better faculty. All this of course under the able guidance of Chanda ma'am.

We thank you from the bottom our hearts and pray for happier days in the near future.

Till we meet again.

Astha Astha (NFC) - 1 June 2020

Dear ma’am

From first day of grade 1 till today I see Kiyansh has progressed so much academically and otherwise both for which without any doubts the credit goes to you. You are one amazing mentor who will be always in our hearts . I wanted applaud you for all your efforts for your accountability and for being a great teacher and a wonderful soul.

Wish you loads of luck, good health and happiness.

Astha Astha (NFC) - 31 May 2020

Dear ma’am

From first day of grade 1 till today I see Kiyansh has progressed so much academically and otherwise both for which without any doubts the credit goes to you. You are one amazing mentor who will be always in our hearts . I wanted applaud you for all your efforts for your accountability and for being a great teacher and a wonderful soul.

Wish you loads of luck, good health and happiness.

Nimisha Moolchandani (NFC) - 31 May 2020

Dear Rashi Mam

Please find enclosed a short video in which Riana would like to say something.

I would like to add that you have been a great mentor and friend to my Riana and the affection she recieved from you was really comforting for me. Knowing that you are there always gave me relief that she is in good hands in every way. You have been able to bring out the best in her in terms of academics and personality. I came to you so many times with doubts and worries but you never failed to satisfy my queries. We have been very lucky to have you as her class teacher and i hope that since Riana has such a good rapport and understanding with you please look out for her in school. I know she can confide in you about her troubles and maybe your guidance can help her see through difficult or troublesome situations. Thank you once again for being there for her and for being an amazing teacher, I have seen so much improvement in her in this last one year that I truly believe that a teacher can truly make or break the psyche of a student. Earlier she did' nt like to study and she was scared to attempt new things, thankfully, not any more.

I would like to add

The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination , and instill a love of learning. Thanks for being the great teacher!!

Avani Kanoi (NFC) - 30 May 2020

Dear Miss Mehak,

It would be difficult to describe in words what a beautiful journey Paridhi has had with you, and so have we, Vedant and me. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend to our daughter. You have definitely set her on the path of becoming an alert learner and more importantly, a good human being. We as parents would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for always being there for our daughter, for your encouragement and love towards her. Thank you Miss Mehak for making education so fun and for filling all our hearts with beautiful memories for life!

We do wish to keep in touch with you and hope to share Paridhi’s progress in life with you so that she can always have your blessings!!

Take care and wish you and your family all the best always!

Nancy Miglani (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Miss Mehak

I Would like to extend my immense gratitude and a big thank you for such a wonderful Nido that my daughter spent under your guidance, initial start and years are just so special , all the more you made it extra special ,you have put in so much efforts, for which I and my daughter are very thankful, thank you for always going an extra mile as a teacher, we really appreciate, we miss meeting you & since these times are going on for everyone but without a fail, you have continued to give us learning, ur patience with technology, with students (I m a mother but would not handle one child with that much patience & I have realised this more in these times how you mentors do it with so much stability, how smoothly you kept doing things in this unpreccedent situation, your ability to call out every child’s name, multiple times, even if the child was completely out of reach, has just shown your dedication and hardwork. Kids used to go offline but you made sure every child got their chance to show activity and you continue giving them everyday learning, you were so encouraging all the time, be it a bad weather, no network, You still did the best to solve any issue.

Everytime we had a problem you solved it, Ardee team, every time we needed you, you Always solved our technical glitches, always taking care of small to big things.

Also my heartfelt thanks to all the mentors working tirelessly for our betterment. Miss Khushboo, Miss Shivani, You have always been such a great support, always getting us new innovative learning, so proud to b an Ardee Parent.

Rubaiyat is always gonna cherish these beautiful days spent with you & thank you for the best time, you have made from Father’s Day to Mother’s Day to any normal day extra special for us, Everything was virtual but everything seemed so perfect, definitely we wanted more of you.

Stories, rhymes, uncle Jose, activity s, learning with material, you guys are remarkable with your sincere efforts. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Wish you very best for your future endeavours.

Nido Olive Batch (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Miss Mehak,

Hope you are doing well!

A big shout out and thanks from each one of us in Nido Olive. For the sincere efforts and love you put in everyday to make learning so much fun in these hard times!

We all will miss starting our day without our favorite Mehak mam, and hope to see you again real soon!

Take care and happy holidays to you!

Avani Kanoi (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Teachers,

I just wanted to share my feedback for my daughter Paridhi Kanoi's online classes.

As a parent, I am extremely happy with the way the mentors are conducting the classes. Miss Meha is an excellent teacher who covers the curriculum beautifully, my child has learnt and progressed so much in this one month of classes. Miss Meha's method of teaching, giving attention to every child and maing everyone participate is commendable.

Given the current situation, I think the school is doing such fabulous and an efficient job in educating our children. I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Khushboo for sending us well in time and organised emails so that we are always well prepped and well organized before our classes. I would also like to thank Miss Nikhaar who is always ready with a smile to talk and solve any technical issues, answer any questions as well connect us to the teachers.

Thanks to the online classes, I have been able to set my child's routine and both of us really look forward to seeing our mentors and our friends everyday!

Thank you Ardee School for maing learning so much fun and for being our ray of hope and positivity in such trying times.

Ruma & Piyush Trehan (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Ardee Team,

At the outset, we as parents would like to extend our gratitude to the entire ARDEE Team who has taken all the efforts ensuring that the learning of our children does not get impeded in any manner during these challenging times of COVID 19. The entire staff had been working tirelessly to make our children better at every virtual class.

I would like to appreciate Sunjeet Mam who is the class mentor for my daughter Sara Trehan. It has been a delight to witness these online virtual classes.

She has handled her with so much love, patience, and commitment towards nurturing her this academic year. All the virtual classes were well planned and executed really well. Your hard work and efforts show in each and every child.We as parents appreciate the fact that Sunjeet Mam gave opportunity to each and every child to answer in every class and if required gave personal attention too.

We are really thankful to you and wish you all the very best. Sara would love to have you as her mentor again and we hope we get to have you as her younger sister’s (Eva- currently in Red Scarlet) class mentor too in the near future.

P.S. Naina Mam you have been a big pillar of support to these pre-primary students and your support will never get unnoticed too. Thank you for being there always.

Shikha Sabharwal & Varun Sabharwal (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Navya Ma'am and Priyanka Ma'am,

We wanted to Thank You for everything that you've done for Noorh and Sehrr.

Words cannot express our sincere thanks for all of the care, love, patience and attention you have shown to Noorh and Sehrr. ​They leave today as bigger, better, brighter little girls in no small part to the role that each of you have played in their development. We feel so lucky to have been a part of The Ardee School and are truly grateful that our daughters got a chance to be guided by such a lovely caring team of wonderful mentors.

Words will never express how much we appreciate what you all have done for our daughters and what an amazing start they have had on their educational journey. Thank you so much for the time and commitment you’ve given our girls during their pre-school education.

Noorh and Sehrr will really miss you.

Vidisha Goel (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Jasmine ma’am,

Hope this email finds you well. As the year came to an end, I would like to thank you for taking care of all the children so well. I have no words to express my gratitude towards you.

You are so affectionate and loving, understanding and caring, the kids bond with you so well. The way you took classes was wonderful. You took care that no child is left behind and I could see your enthusiasm in anything you did. The kids love you so much that it’s disheartening to even think that we won’t see you anymore as their teacher.

The way you planned today’s day was terrific. Kudos to you !! In the end it was so emotional and touching. In these two months, sitting with Amaira made feel connected to you from the heart and we all became one family. Amaira still can’t believe that she won’t see you in grade 1 and thinks that I’m lying. I will have a hard time to make her sit with a new teacher.

I being a parent have no doubt that you are the best teacher anyone could get. I’m thankful that my daughter had an opportunity to have you as her mentor.

I wish you great happiness and success in your future !!

Anandini's Parents (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Saumya Mam,

Firstly, we would like to Thank You for all the efforts and sincere hard work you put in Anandini's personal and academic growth.

It's really remarkable the way you had conducted the Virtual classes. We understand the concept was new to all and came with its own challenges but you executed them exceptionally well.

Secondly, we would like to mention few things that we really appreciated apart from academic learning. We attended a few classes with Anandini and below are some observations:

a) The classes were conducted in a disciplinary manner. We appreciate the fact, that you constantly reminded students to sit like leaders (Adreeians) and not casually.
b) You logged in everyday before time to address any queries that parents had.
c) You were always available even in break time in case any student or parents had any concerns.
d) We remember that you had medical emergencies at home; still you took classes and completed your duty. This is a very big lesson for every child; that duties & responsibilities comes first. One has to take complete ownership of tasks.
e) Every student was given equal opportunities and students who were shy or less talkative were addressed with further care.

Once again, Thank You Mam for all the efforts and goes with saying that Anandini will really miss you.

Harjeet Singh/Raman Sawhney (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Respected Ma’am,

I would like to thank you for all the effort put in by the school towards the development of my child ‘Pujita Sawhney’, especially during this tough time of pandemic.

She has had a wonderful year with a lot of beautiful memories that she will always cherish. A big-big thank you to all the mentors, specially Ms. Neha.

Pujita is extremely fond of her and is great to see such a bond between a student and a class mentor. She is very excited and thrilled to be in next grade, but she is finding parting ways with Ms. Neha very difficult. She specially asked me to put in a request, to you, that if Miss Neha could continue be their mentor in grade 4 also.

Hoping that you would consider Pujita’s request and oblige. Thanking the entire team of Ardee.

Aayat & mom (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Miss Parul

Thank you so much for the party time, how much Aayat enjoyed her party, so special and so much fun, beautiful video, beautiful tittle, such lovely gestures you have bestowed on all the children, we are so so proud of you and so much gonna miss you, you always make it so extra special.

Happy Vacation, you definitely deserve the best :)

Miss you until we meet again.

Meghna (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Parul Ma'am,

Thank you very much for the love, support and guidance you have given to Trisha in Grade 2. I truly wish that you are her teacher in Grade 3 as well. You have always being there for us and shown the way to our little ones. You thoughtful gestures, words of encouragement and method of imparting education will be missed greatly.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and safety.

Richa Agarwal (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Miss Rashi,

We gonna miss you, I think more than Aarav I am gonna miss you. You have always been so supportive, understanding, approachable and most of all so kind, loving n caring.

We really loved spending this year with you n gonna miss you in year 3. Aarav has been preparing a card for you. We shall share it with you till evening.

Thanku so much for being a fabulous fabulous mentor n guiding light.

Manveen (NFC) - 29 May 2020

Hi ma'am,

How are you? As the academinc year end I want to thank you for your kindness love and patience towards kids. I really wish could have met you in person but we are really grateful Kids had you as a mentor. Thank you so much.

Nidhi Chopra(NFC) - 29 May 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Kindly find attached a Thank You note from all the children of your class.

You have been an amazing mentor who taught them every lesson with such sincerity. You helped them discipline themselves, inspired them, encouraged them and made them more confident. We really appreciate your efforts and support. I would also like to add that you were extremely prompt and patient with us parents during these distress times as well as during normal school days. We felt relieved and comfortable sharing anything with you. We were lucky to have you as our kids’ mentor. We wish you all the best for future. Please stay safe and keep in touch.

Bhupinder and Parvi Ghai (NFC) - 28 May 2020

Dear Tina and Sunpreet

As the academic session draws to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you for imparting eduction to our little children throughout the year and especially during the lock down period.

Some superheroes do not wear capes. Sometimes they also take Virtual Classes via laptop. You guys have also been fighting COVID epidemic at the front lines albeit in the Virtual Setup often times ignoring your own kids and families so that our kids get some decent education in these trying times.

The sacrifices you made are duly acknowledged and appreciated from all of us. Pavit is going to miss his favourite Mam.

Thank you once again.

Nitika Bawa (NFC) - 28 May 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I want to drop this little note to tell you "just how much you are appreciated".

Thank you for being such a wonderful and loving teacher. Your patience, commitment to motivate and inspire the students has not gone unnoticed. Reyansh thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful time of learning with you.

You have incredible teaching skills. Even during this pandemic, learning with you was so much fun for kids. Reyansh has always looked forward to your classes with great enthusiasm. I would like to express my gratitude for your dedication and patience given to children.

During this period of lockdown, Reyansh has been spending his time doing art work. He would like to send you one of his art as a token of thanks. Please find the art work attached. He would personally like to give it to you once the school opens.

Thank you so much for the fantastic year. Wish you good luck for all your future endeavors.

Anhad’s Parents (NFC) - 28 May 2020

Dear Miss Naina,

Hope all is well at your end.

Another academic session is on the verge of completion and I still remember Anhad’s first day to school.

I have always been blessed to get wonderful teachers for my child - first Miss Tina and now Miss Jasmine under your guidance. Humble thanks to Miss Sanjit too. Anhad is blooming each day and really enjoys the virtual classes. Jasmine is so calm and cheerful all the time,Anhad is really fond of her.

Always ready to help, give turns, answer questions, motivate the children. Miss Naina I have always seen you so invested in the children and your work that it’s always been a delight to observe your sincerity. You and your team have always been pro active and considerate.

We hope things get better soon and we get back to our normal lives.

Thank you so much for everything.

Simran and Gulpreet Kohli (NFC) - 28 May 2020

We would also like to thank all for putting in amazing effort in such trying and unprecedented times to ensure Samaira And other children still get the best possible education and learning experiences.

Be safe be healthy and thank you.

Neeti Chugh (NFC) - 27 May 2020

Dear Mrs Makhijani,

Thank you so much for sharing Yuvana’s pictures. Yuvana makes me super proud and I am so delighted to see her doing so well in virtual classes. She’s so diligent in her work and always answer with a smile.

I loved her emotion booklet and please tell her my favourite is excited and angry face. I also loved the way she’s taking care of plants and her laying of table is splendid. Please do keep sharing her pictures and hope to see her real soon at Ardee Campus.

Nancy Miglani (NFC) - 26 May 2020

Dear Parul Mam

As the Academic year comes to an end

Would like to extend my immense gratitude and a big thank you for such a wonderful year that my daughter spent under your sheer guidance , you have put in so much efforts, for which I and my daughter are very thankful, thank you for always going an extra mile as a teacher , we really appreciate, we miss meeting you & since these hard times are going on for everyone but without a fail, you have continued to give us learning , ur patience with technology, with students (I am a mother but would not handle one child with that much patience & I have realised this more in these times how you mentors do it with so much grace) how smoothly you kept doing things in this unpreccedent situation, your ability to call out every child’s name , multiple times, even if the child was completely out of reach, has just shown your dedication and hardwork. Kids used to go offline but you made sure every child gave their assessment s, be it a network issue or any personal issue, you were so encouraging all the time.

Everytime we had a problem you solved it, every time we needed you, you were there irrespective of any time of the day, outta your busy schedules, you always managed time for us, made us understand things and made Aayat so comfortable in her learning & understanding.

We wish we could tell you that in person but bcoz the situation, please take our thanksgiving virtually for encouraging Aayat, to do better every time, Also my heartfelt thanks to all the mentors working tirelessly for our betterment.

Miss chanda, Miss pooja, You have always been such a great support, always getting us new innovative learning, so grateful to b an Ardee Parent.

Attaching a beautiful memory with you, Miss Parul, once again wishing you best of everything, Aayat is always gonna cherish these beautiful days spent with you & thank you for the best year and the best of your efforts.

Wish you very best for your future endeavours.

Fauzia Siddiqui (NFC) - 24 May 2020

Dear Ms. Jazveen

Good evening!

Hope you are doing well!

My sister who was supposed to get married on 7th of April (couldn't get married due to the unfortunate Covid-19 induced lockdown). However, she is getting married on the 27th of May, though it will be just 8 people from the family and the ceremony will take place in the morning.

Ibrahim is too excited to be part of the virtual class party, I will try if he can attend for some time.

Thank you for all your love & support to him that now he keeps on insisting me to request Ms. Chanda to assign you as his Mentor in Grade 2 as well.

This is pure love and affection towards you which he has developed over the period of time.

We shall miss you for sure and I wish you the best for your future endeavours.

Meenakshi Jain (NFC) - 24 May 2020

Dear ma’am,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an amazing mentor. Your knowledge and the way you shared that with kids was to next level. No extra efforts were required at my end to get the concept clear. All that was required was the practice of the topic done by you. She enjoyed every bit of this grade 5. I am sure it was the best year for her and she will miss you .Ma'am you are the perfect example of beauty with brains.

Thank you :)

Richa Sureka (NFC) - 23 May 2020

Dear Ms Chanda, Ms Pooja, Ms Parul & Mr Salman

And the whole Ardee school teacher staff, help staff, back end staff, 24*7 information desk staff, the whole team of PE,art,music,ict and so on and on ........My endless gratitude till infinity.........!

Looking forward to new beginning ......after the *summer break* !!!

Please go on the link below for a song dedicated to you all.

Dr Ruchi Singh (NFC) - 22 May 2020

Good afternoon ma’am,

Ma’am, thank you for giving the children such great opportunity. The assignment was very Interesting and an eye opener for many. We learned a lot and Iam glad that Adidev learnt about rocks and is appreciating all the rocks around him.

Virtual exposition also was a wonderful exposure for the kids. I loved the concept. Hope so Adidev did fine with it and we worked on it in the right direction.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you once again.

Meenakshi Jain (NFC) - 22 May 2020

Dear ma’am

It was our pleasure to have you as Shanaya’s class teacher in grade 1. She loved her batchmates and teachers. With your support she became a confident and more learned girl over this year. No extra effort was required at my end to make things clear to her. I wish to have you as a teacher of my younger one soon who Will be promoted to eyfs next year. Keep doing the great job. We actually got to see all your efforts through this virtual learning. You teachers are god for our kids, directing them to the right path.

Thank you :)

Vidisha Goel (NFC) - 20 May 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Hope this email finds you well. Thank you for taking classes in such an amusing and entertaining way that the children love attending classes.

Today Amaira had such a wonderful time in class while making the mask and doing face painting. She wished that the class could go on and on and never stop. As a matter of fact she is still doing face painting and that too herself.

She had a brilliant idea of using all the colours from the African flags and make a combined flag for African countries. She wanted to show united Africa.

Gurleen Khurana (NFC) - 20 May 2020

Hello Mam,

Really appreciate the efforts taken to conduct the assessments. Raihat was very comfortable and did not face any issue while attempting the test. She did not face any problem opening the form since they had practiced during the mock tests. The rules and the questions were thoroughly and clearly explained by Ms Jazveen.

Thankyou once again for preparing the kids so well!

Kanchi (NFC) - 18 May 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Aarna s so happy to hear from you that we are all learning and we can do mistakes. She feels more confident since you have said that and wants to put more efforts in her learning. Today she said, now m not nervous to speak anything in front of Mam n my friends, even if my answer is wrong, also she said “I will speak and I will learn. She has been encouraged to learn more. I wanna say a big "Thank You" to make her feel so confident. Aarna always appreciate your teaching method n m glad that now she s ready to speak as well, n wants to learn more. I really appreciate your hard work, thank you for being such an amazing mentor.

Richa Sureka (NFC) - 16 May 2020

Dear Ms Parul

This is to offer my profound gratitude and deepest appreciation for walking that extra mile ,for the class always since the beginning of grade 2.

Every year is a new beginning and Aaradhyaa is all geared up to start afresh as an amateur in the new grade too carrying obviously what you have taught and passed on to her on her shoulder. Just like they grow in body frame and increase weight, every grade will pull that increased inch and kgs in overall personality internally as well as externally too.

Asit’s rightly said LEARNING NEVER STOPS. Words can’t describe how grateful and thankful I am to you for your unconditional efforts and determination to raise them to another level though out the academic year be it anything.

Kriti Dhingra (NFC) - 15 May 2020

Dear Ms. Pooja,

I hope my mail finds you in good health.

As we all tide over these unexpected, unprecedented times, may we count the blessings that keep us afloat and moving along.

I write to especially applaud the humongous efforts made by you by taking care of every single bit during virtual classes, although I was not surprised for it being flawless, considering the fact that Zoya is under your supervision for several years now and knowing how dedicated you are. In due course, we all are suddenly saddled with not only work from home situation but also work in your home. As I juggle several chores in my home, I cannot even imagine how our teachers manage them alongside conducting lessons, administering soon to happen Summative Assessment's, clarifying doubts and simply being a pillar of support to students.

Thank you Ms. Pooja for your unstinting support to the entire primary. Its been great having you as a coordinator. Thank you for showing children how to stay focused and march ahead in tough times and a sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire Ardee team for your Herculean efforts.

May we meet soon.

Kriti Dhingra (NFC) - 15 May 2020

Dear Ms. Parul,

Hope you are doing good!

I have been thinking of writing to you for a while now and finally have gotten around to doing it. As this academic year comes to a close soon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and contribution to being such an inspiration to Zoya's life. Unfortunately, we could not get enough of you due to this ongoing pandemic.

Zoya seems to have grown so much in these last few months, her concepts are much clearer, her thought process more analytical and yes she is more expressive. As a parent, I felt extremely assured with my daughter being under your supervision. I can't thank you enough for being her mentor and guardian and honing up her maths skills.

It is incredibly comforting to see you handling kids through out the online classes. I really appreciate how patiently you deal with all the problems in learning. You have proved that its the faculty that form the bed rock of any institution and play a key role in laying children's foundation but not just the infrastructure and facilities.

Thanks from the bottom my heart. Looking forward to see you soon!

Mihir (NFC) - 15 May 2020

Dear teachers,

I am proud to be part of the Ardee School. I have been with the school for the last 4 years starting at the age of 18 months with the Nido group.

Thanks for all the love and affection.. and of course educating me and making me wiser each passing day.

Simran Tandon (NFC) - 15 May 2020

Dear ma’am

Thank you for making science and maths classes so much fun. Sairah and even other kids are really enjoying this fun way of learning. We really appreciate the amount of effort you are putting in for every class, today my son left his e class to join Sairah while she was learning parts of plants with vegetables. So interesting.

Sumit (NFC) - 14 May 2020

Nishtha Ma’am,

I must say that team at Ardee is doing a commendable job in the current environment (also given the fact that we are a relatively new outfit).

We as parents profusely thank you for this.

Please stay safe. This too shall pass.

Navita Gupta (NFC) - 13 May 2020

Dear Ms. Nishtha

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the exceptional efforts you have taken during this time for our kids. I really appreciate the way in which you help her learn, (the games that you play to give any concept. It surely keeps her interested and motivated.

Your appreciation means a lot. She is super excited and will put in more effort.

Nidhi Gupta (NFC) - 13 May 2020

Dear Ma'am,

May I take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and your teaching methodology. It comes across beautifully amongst all others. Heartfelt thank you for the way you deal with the children.

Sending attachments of today's homework.Aadya has taken my help with a few spellings and there was a bit of prompting too for gentle guidance but haven't helped her at all otherwise.

Sandhya (NFC) - 13 May 2020


Thank you for your kind words Radhika Ma’m. It is much appreciated.

I would like to thank you for holding the sessions in such a way that children become involved and engaged in the class. It is quite interesting to see the sessions happen in front of us now. I have loved the slides, content, activities and home assignments shared with us during the virtual classes.

Thank you for making learning so much fun for the kids. Samar really enjoys his classes conducted by you and looks forward to seeing you.

Sumera (Goa) - 11 May 2020

Just dropping in a quick line of thanks for d the online classes. Raaya has been enjoying the classes and combination of studies plus creative activities has been ticking her buttons. Amanda has been conducting the classes very well and its gud to see Raaya looking forward to online school. The timing and disclipine leads to some structure similar to a regular school day.

Also in particular todays creative cluster class ticked all the boxes for Raaya and she said it was the best class. Please do convey this to Amanda as the teachers are really stepping out of their comfort zones to deliver quality education. Also not forgetting the work done behind the scenes to thank the teachers, administrators and assistants who we do not see.

Thank you :)

Vibhuti Arora (NFC) - 11 May 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I would like to thank The Ardee School, for initiating such a wonderful thing called creative cluster. It was a great exercise to access the child in all the subjects.

We really appreciate the fact how the school is working to give time to each and every student individually. We applaud, how the school is adapting all the new and different ways to connect with their students to impart best of the education.

Big thank you to Simran Ma'am and Naina Ma'am.

Shilpi Pratap (NFC) - 11 May 2020

Dear Ms Komal,

Thank you for your kind appreciation.

Abhiveer really enjoys your class. He often praises you and shares how you make learning interesting in the class. Specially the Mexican flag and the Aztecs civilisation lesson you conducted! You have motivated him to research and find out more about these civilisations on his own!

During one of his art lessons, he drew examples from the Eagle, cactus and the snake in the Mexican flag to illustrate his understanding of Symbolism. His association and deep understanding from your teaching was impressive.

Another story of your classroom success- Abhiveer recently made an alitiometer (From the book -“ His dark Materials” by Philip Pullman that he’s been reading.) He drew many parallels between the Alithiometer and the Aztec’s calendar (Which intrigues him a lot)some from his imagination , some from his understanding, learning and research. I found that very interesting and wanted to congratulate you on that as well!

Thank you for creating curiosity and interest in your students. And for making learning fun for them.

Sayma (NFC) - 10 May 2020

Dear ma'am

We were overjoyed when we checked the Choice Board last week-Reading!!!!

Annem Saad loves to indulge himself in reading.

Books are indeed one of the best way to build your imagination and they transport you into a different world altogether.I remember when Annem was 7 and he just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory.I asked him if he would like to watch the movies too....he simply refused by saying---no mom, movie will kill my imagination!!!

Annem had a great time doing this choice board as it made him revisit few of his favourite books.He wanted to include more but the Library we go to, is shut these days.

On the brighter side of the Covid-19 Lockdown Annem has started reading on Kindle, which was lying idle since a couple of years.

Please find attached Annem's work.

Shweta Jain (NFC) - 8 May 2020

Dear teachers and all staff,

I am extremely thankful and grateful for the efforts made by all of you for online classes. It is commendable as to see how the classes are conducted so smoothly. Our mentor Miss Sanya Suri (blue teal) Is exceptionally patient and absolutely loving caring with the children.

I am even amazed to see the curriculum of the class and the teaching method. The teaching method is just brilliant. Online classes have actually given us an insight of teaching in the right manner. I realize Montessori method of learning will nurture knowledge in our children for life time.

I am so so happy to have my child in The Ardee school as your efforts will make our children’s future very bright without a doubt.

I thank all of u from the bottom of my heart to educate me and my child in such a profound manner.

Thanks again!!!

Avani Kanoi (NFC) - 8 May 2020

Dear Teachers,

I just wanted to share my feedback for my daughter Paridhi Kanoi's online classes.

As a parent, I am extremely happy with the way the mentors are conducting the classes. Miss Mehak is an excellent teacher who covers the curriculum beautifully, my child has learnt and progressed so much in this one month of classes. Miss Mehak's method of teaching, giving attention to every child and making everyone participate is commendable.

Given the current situation, I think the school is doing such a fabulous and an efficient job in educating our children.

I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Khushboo for sending us well in time and organised emails so that we are always well prepped and well organized before our classes. I would also like to thank Miss Nikhaar who is always ready with a smile to talk and solve any technical issues, answer any questions as well connect us to the teachers.

Thanks to the online classes, I have been able to set my child's routine and both of us really look forward to seeing our mentors and our friends everyday!

Thank you Ardee School for making learning so much fun and for being our ray of hope and positivity in such trying times.

Mansi Kalia (NFC) - 5 May 2020

Dear Ms. Sunpreet,

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation for Nitara and her work.

Nitara used to cry and howl to go to school when she used to see her older sister Meher walk in the school gates. Ever since all she wanted was to go to Ardee School and God willing she did get through and did start her journey with Ardee.

Nitara is often crying during her Virtual classes till date, not because she doesn't like whats happening, but because she wants to go to school. It is heartbreaking to see her cry because she wants to study at school, not sitting in front of a phone or a laptop. She misses her mentors and her friends dearly. I am sure you would be aware how physical presence, smiles, warmth at this age is of utmost importance and are reassuring for the children. But the circumstances being what they are have put us all in a spot.

Cant be more glad and thankful for Ms.Priyanka for being what she is to Nitara. Her smile and words are ever so comforting, her way of teaching is so age appropriate, her experience is what makes her an exceptional mentor for Nitara. She is full of warmth and kindness which is what is needed for any child to truly blossom.

Hope the world is a safe place again for our children to have a happy, healthy and at many levels just a normal, regular childhood.

Thank you once again.

Mansi Kalia (NFC) - 5 May 2020

Dear Ms. Sunpreet,

Hope you are doing well.

Nitara loves working with different shapes being taught to her and made them all on her own with the magnetic tiles. She did the activity that was done in the class today with the magnetic tiles. Making a shape by combining a few shapes learnt.

She keeps saying the Alliteration taught to her on loop, and believes no one in the family can say it faster than her.

I must mention all the written work has been done by Nitara, she is highly motivated all thanks to Ms.Priyanka to write as much possible.

A big thank you to Ms.Priyanka for making work so enjoyable.

Diya and Prashant Kaul (NFC) - 5 May 2020

Dear Ms Kaur,

Thank you so much for your letter of appreciation. I told Agastya about it and he felt extremely proud- I’m sure it will be motivate him to continue his enthusiasm for learning.

I want to congratulate you and the team for the stellar job you are doing with the virtual classes- they are beyond my expectations in terms of how organised and systematic they are. The curriculum and spacing of activities and the effectiveness is amazing and we as a family are extremely satisfied and proud of Ardee.

Thank you for staying motivated no matter what and making it such a pleasure for our children who have something amazing to wake up to everyday.

We will always be grateful.

Risha Jain (NFC) - 5 May 2020

Thank u so much mam for clearing my doubt. Also I would like to applause the school and all the teachers for such remarkable online sessions and assignments sent which keep the children busy along with clearing each topic so properly. The study material, the school is providing is just amazing. I feel really proud being an ardee parent.

Also I would like to tell that all assignments are being reverted by all the teachers with remarks except for Suffian sir (Makers lab).

Astha (NFC) - 4 May 2020

Dear Ms Komal,

Hope this finds you in good!

First of all, I would like to personally thank you for your efforts in teaching our children in this pandemic situation.

This is coming from the heart of a mother who is short of words to appreciate and thank you enough for your support and guidance to Pratham.

Pls stay healthy and safe!

Saumya Agarwal (NFC) - 2 May 2020

Dear Shivani Mam,

Thank you for your kind words. We feel so encouraged to receive such appreciation for Abeer. To hear from the mentors that our child is doing good is best thing to hear in the world. I feel so proud that Abeer has shaped into a sharp child who is always keen on learning.

But frankly its you mentors who deserve all the applause for working tirelessly to bring out the best in them. I truly understand the challenges and perseverance it takes to conduct lessons online for such small children. We cant thank you enough along with Pooja mam and Nishtha mam for being so patient and highly dedicated to aid learning sitting at home. These classes have not only defined Abeer's routine but have also helped us to spend our time constructively and engage the kids (since i have two in the school) rightly which otherwise would have been a strenuous task.

We as parents feel proud everyday to be a part of The Ardee School. Our faith in the institution and Chanda Mam only keeps getting stronger with such situations. This is a heartfelt thanks to the entire Ardee team for taking up this difficult endeavour of continuing learning virtually in such unprecedented times and we wish you the best in future. Stay safe.

Vikram Beri (NFC) - 1 May 2020

Dear Team Ardee,

I hope this email finds everyone associated with Ardee and their families safe & sound. I write to express our gratitude and delight at the way online classes are being carried out everyday. It must be very challenging for mentors and school to adapt to this new mode of learning, to find the next best alternative to a typical school session so promptly in the midst of their own personal struggles. The Ardee team has inspired many of us and our kids to be resilient and adaptive in such VUCA times. I'm sure it would have taken countless hours for the entire Ardee team (Mentors, IT, Leadership et al) to put together a robust program, figure out online delivery, resolve teething issues, convey zoom/MS team etiquette and yet uphold the Ardee education experience. A big THANK YOU To all of you.

I hope this new dimension continues to evolve, enhancing learning for all Ardee kids. Even when Covid is history, we may have unpredictable challenges such as high pollution, unrest etc which necessitate staying at home. We were all out of options earlier. I'm hopeful that would change forever now with this wonderful initiative which can help kids continue education, come what may.

It's indeed unfortunate that some of us couldn't appreciate the intent and efforts made behind the scenes. I guess we are all in uncharted territories and may have faltered here and there. Everyone who chose Ardee made a conscious choice and put their faith in the very spirit this institution instills.

Thank you once again! Stay safe and keep inspiring!

Manvi Dhingra Uppal (NFC) - 30 April 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Thank you so much for making Inaaya’s 7th birthday so special. Cake cutting with her classmates and mentors inspite of lockdown uplifted her spirit Special efforts made by the mentors and school made it memorable for her.

Really appreciate, We are proud to be associated with Ardee school.

Minal Shah (NFC) - 30 April 2020


How are you all doing. Hope all are safe and sound.

It is commendable to you teachers who have made this impersonal medium of online education so engaging and interactive. I am amazed to see how you have turned a boring one way communication that typically an e-learning portal will have to something so interactive while engaging and giving chance to each and every student. Especially today's scavanger hunt and experiments were a lot of fun. Aryaa really looks forward to her online classes.

Atan Sethi (NFC) - 29 April 2020

Dear Miss Jasmine

I hope you are in high spirits. It is heartwarming and so fulfilling to see how you conduct the classes with sheer patience, calmness and always a smile on your face.

Even better is the way the children communicate with you as a friend and you respond with equal enthusiasm. The kind of work and detailing you and the team are putting in is worth appreciating.

Anhad loves attending the classes and looks forward to seeing you.

Prachi Madan (NFC) - 28 April 2020

Dear Divya Mam,

Thank you for the letter of appreciation for Sahir .He is thrilled to hear about it.As the pandemic has forced the children to stay indoors,he looks forward to do his home assignments sent by school. He is showing keen interest in performing the experiments and tasks assigned.

Like I always say,my children are blessed with the best.He has you as a mentor and you have shown so much patience,love and commitment towards nurturing him this whole year. As a parent, I'm at peace knowing that He is in such good hands with you.

I think the letter of appreciation needs to be given to all you teachers and mentors who are holding virtual classes from your home and making sure that learning does not stop. Its a whole new concept for the school and all you teachers are tirelessly working hard to make sure the children are understanding new concepts well.

Thank you for adding your personal touch in each session and making sure the children are looking forward to your classes.Showing them the class picture one day,showing the classmates their work on screen,boys wearing a cap,girls wearing a band for one session etc..Small gestures go a long way specially in these difficult times.These small pleasures in life are as important as learning and you made sure that they don’t miss that connect with you and their friends.

Thank you again for the appreciation letter. Sending you a big virtual hug.

Vidisha Goel (NFC) - 27 April 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Thank you so much for your appreciation towards Amaira. It is definitely true that a child brings out the best in her when their efforts are admired and acknowledged.

I feel that your renowned institution is chiseling her facets and enhancing her skills. The continuous efforts of all the mentors is highly commendable.

I hope in years to come 'The Ardee School' will give her a concrete platform which every student desires for.

Shweta (NFC) - 27 April 2020

Hello mam,

I couldn't wait to share this feedback with you for today's online session. Earlier i was very skeptical to have these online classes for Avyaan (also mentioned this to Bhavna mam) but when i saw today's class, Avyaan was thoroughly enjoying. When he had a break, he was constantly saying *Mumma please open laptop, class miss na ho jaaye* and now he is eagerly waiting for tomorrow's session.

I am regretting now why i missed so many classes. Thank you so much Bhavna mam and all his mentors.

Vinita Nagpal Kohli (NFC) - 27 April 2020

Dear Ma'am, Hope this mail finds you well, and had a good weekend.

Our Weekend was rather busy with all the fun experimental spree we were in! Semhar thoroughly enjoyed the Bubble experiment which lasted for almost half a day.

Thank you for sharing such innovative.

Vidisha Goel (NFC) - 26 April 2020

Dear Maam

This mail is to appreciate the fact that school is making a lot of efforts to educate the students virtually during this unusual time.

We all know that sitting in front of the screen for the small children can be quite difficult but still the teachers manage to create their interest by doing different activities.

I’m really impressed by the way teachers encourage the students to daily chores and help their parents. This will not only make them independent but increase their confidence. Also, this makes them so occupied that they don’t miss going out so much. I’m attaching a video of my daughter Amaira Goele performing a science experiment suggested by school. She had a lot of fun doing it and it increased her knowledge too. Last but not the least, I would also like to thank you Naina ma’am for coordinating everything so smoothly.

Ehteshamul Haque (NFC) - 25 April 2020

Dear Ms Tusheen;

We thank you for the appreciation and recognition bestowed upon Annem. It meant a lot to him as well as us.

We also want to take this opportunity to covey our appreciation for the great efforts & planning done by the whole primary team and specially by you; to not only educate but also engage Annem to productive pursuits. These are formative years and good habits learn now will go in a long way for his future development.

The promptness & effectiveness in dealing with our concern is highly appreciated as well , Annem’s spirit were lifted after the same.

Iram Khan (NFC) - 25 April 2020

Dear ma’am,

I just wanted to extend my thanks to Miss Sunjeet for the wonderful way she is conducting the virtual lessons . She makes the lessons fun and informative. I have been in touch with her throughout the past year regarding some issues, and she has been of utmost help to me and my daughter . She has worked very gently with my daughter and has gained her confidence, so much so that my daughter absolutely adores her teacher and is participating in everything happily.

These virtual classes have given us parents a unique opportunity to witness how a class is conducted in school . Miss Sunjeet explains everything most patiently and involves each and every child in every lesson.

I really appreciate the way my child has blossomed under the leadership of such lovely mentors. A Big thank you to the awesome mentors and the most wonderful and forever ready to help Ms Naina.

Mansi Kalia (NFC) - 25 April 2020

Dear Ms. Pooja, Ms. Radhika and Ms. Divya,

Hope you all are healthy and safe.

Thank you so much for bestowing Meher with your love, kind words and appreciation. She was delighted to read the mails sent by both her class mentors. She worked really hard to write the poem of course with some help, but the motivation to write and explore the genre of poetry was completely hers, thanks to the love for poetry ignited by you.

She is so highly motivated to do her home assignments and thankfully has adjusted well to this new way of schooling. The classes conducted by both the mentors are so intelligently and interestingly planned and executed, the home assignments sent are involving and enriching for Meher.

Thank you for keeping both my daughters constructively engaged during these times. Your hard work and efforts are not going unrecognised, they show when these children shine and spread the light.

Cherry Gulati (NFC) - 24 April 2020

Dear Ma'am,

I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts of the mentors and the school in conducting the online classes. The classes have brought back the connect with the school, which the kids were missing the most. Being dressed in their uniforms and meeting their teachers and friends adds faith and calm to their state of mind, in such turbulent times.

A special thanks for extending the learning to the softer aspects as well, specially the storytelling sessions. All the sessions have been very engaging and highly informative.

We are really proud to be a part of The Ardee community.

Vibhuti Arora (NFC) - 24 April 2020

Dear Ma'am,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to miss simran for conducting the online classes so well. These online classes have become an essential part of my son's daily routine.

These online classes are helping a lot in bridging the gap which was created by this pandemic. We really appreciate the fact that every child is given a chance and personal attention though its done online.

The approach is very friendly, enriching and kids have ultimate joy being connected with their teachers and friends on daily basis.

We are proud to be associated with The Ardee School, as the school is working a lot on all aspects a child is missing during this lockdown be it uncle jose conducting music sessions or story telling sessions. Social wednesdays being the favourite amongst the kids.

Thanking you.

M Sufian Siddiqui & Fauzia Siddiqui (NFC) - 23 April 2020

Dear Ms Jazveen,

At the outset, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and the entire Ardee School Management Team working under the sagacious leadership of Ms Chanda Raisinghani for the assiduous endeavors of convening the virtual sessions for the students particularly at this climacteric. We sincerely value the concerted efforts of the Ardee School for ensuring that the primacy of learning of children do not get either impeded or undermined in any manner amid this unprecedented challenging period of COVID-19.

We are exceedingly delighted to receive Ibrahim’s appreciation email from the school. However, we must confess, indubitably it has been an immensely tough time for each one of us in some way or the other owing to the ongoing COVID-19 battle. Hence, the credit could not be solely attributed to Ibrahim for his commendable passion for learning. We earnestly feel that you along with the entire Ardee School Management Team equally deserve the credit for creating such a congenial environment for children, which consequently makes assimilation of learning for them so amenable besides keeping them motivated. A special mention about Ms Pooja Bhatia (Primary coordinator) for always being so encouraging towards the children. However, recently on Earth Day, she appreciated Ibrahim’s endeavors in such an inimitable and motivating manner i.e. by calling him as a ‘True Earth Warrior’, which instilled unfathomable motivation in Ibrahim. However, the manifestation of that could be conspicuously noticed wherein henceforth, Ibrahim wants to be addressed as the ‘Earth Warrior’ instead of his name.

Considerably, transcending challenges, during the COVID-19 forced lockdown, you truly deserve an applaud for making Ibrahim such a receptive, avid and copious learner. We wholeheartedly appreciate your positivity and constant encouragement of Ibrahim in all the virtual sessions, which is indeed acting as a catalyst for brightening the days of our child during this gloominess. Thank you so much once again for being such a wonderful mentor. We shall always remain eternally grateful and indebted to Ms Chanda Raisinghani, Ms Pooja Bhatia, you and the entire Ardee School Management Team.

Lastly, with sanguine hope that we shall soon emerge as winners in this egregious battle, we would like to wish you and the entire Ardee School Management Team to stay safe, healthy and motivated while continuing to revivify our children.

Rashmi (NFC) - 23 April 2020

Thank you so much ma'am for your kind words. We are delighted to be a part of this entire process and new age learning with Ardee. It’s very unique and kudos to Jasmine ma'am for being such a fireball of a teacher! She is setting such an amazing example for other teachers it's commendable. She commands respect and attention from children beautifully. In fact I am learning a lot from her every day so that I can also be a better Montessori teacher in the future.

We are proud of Aishwarya and the way she is progressing.

On a separate note we are happy to report that Aishwarya is becoming increasingly independent during this lockdown. Massive progress in epl department. She has a bath on her own and gets ready and gets order in the bathroom after her bath. She cleans up her room and work area at the end of the day all by herself. And yesterday she arranged her dresser area near the sink in her bathroom neatly putting towels and her bath stuff. She lays the table and puts food helping the maid. We have made a point system to help her get better and independent in fact!

I am aghast at this progress! I never praise my child but seeing so much progress at five and half years of age I had to share with you all. However, there is a lot of improvement required that we are working on with her. It’s work in progress.

Many thanks for this lovely email which in a way proves that we are on the right with Aishwarya!

Wishing you the very best in all future endeavours!

Nipa Jain (NFC) - 23 April 2020

Dearest Ms Parul Sachdev

I have to thank you for inspiring my child. She loves you dearly.Thank you for being so calm and patient with every child in these virtual classes.It really needs lot of patience to deal with such young kids.I'm so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child's life.

This lockdown came as a surprise for everyone.But being an Ardee parent I can proudly say that ardee school took this crisis as a challenge and priortise education in every possible way.

Vyomika is very excited about her virtual classes,meeting her friends and teachers online everyday, it makes her feel really special :)

A big applause for the entire Ardee family.

Himani Bansal & Chetan Bansal (NFC) - 23 April 2020

Ms Pooja, Ms Shivani Babbar, Ms Parul Jain, Ms Khusboo, Ms Runjhun, Ms Neelima,and everyone at The Ardee School,

As a parent,

We would like to thank the teacher's, co-ordinators, IT team and everyone associatedf for this endearing efforts of imparting education to all. Your valuable knowledge and insight has helped our patrons much.

Thank you for sharing the wisest piece of advice in the class. We are also grateful for your outstanding behavior which you maintain while dealing with every child. We feel so good that our child is under your supervision. It is relaxing to know our child is learning something new every day and he/she is growing not only mentally but also spiritually. You are such a positive impact on our child and which is why you are worthy of our respect and admiration as well. Thanks for being the best teacher for our child.

Priyanka Daftary Dawar (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Divya ma'am,

Thank you so much for the lovely letter of appreciation for Natasha.

As I have always said it is all thanks to you and all the mentors who have helped shape her personality and instilled a zest for learning in her. She is happiest when she sees you and pooja and Isha ma'am and she has the utmost respect for all her mentors who have always been there for her.

I thank you once again for moulding her into the beautiful human being that she is blossoming into.

Praying for a better future in these uncertain times and looking forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces.

Satinder (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Ma’am,

Thank you for your kind words. I am truly amazed at resilience with which all of you tirelessly keep working to make our children better than they were before.

Shikha and Pooja Maam will vouch for the fact that Mihir has transformed from a shy child to a confident boy over the last 4 years. All kudos to the Ardee mentors.

Over the last one month, others might admit or otherwise, at least I have realised that educating a 6 year old is no easy task. It take perseverance and patience. Both of which you and Nishtha ma’am have in abundance.

We are really thankful to you all and wish you the best, as we go through the next few months (Hopefully sooner) of being at home and working online with the children.

Jasmine Sethi (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Hello ma’am

Amelia and i want to thank you for today’s class . We really had a good time . She is learning a lot from these classes. The topics you pick everyday are so informative. She was really focused today which was nice to see. Even i am learning so many new things with her. The video you showed of Tim Laman was very interesting. She wanted to watch it again after the class. You are making the classes educational and fun at the same time. As a parent i am very happy and satisfied that Amelia is a student of Ardee school.

Thank you so much for all the efforts.

Prachi (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Pooja Mam,

Thank you for organising the Creepy Conservation session on the event of Earth day.It was fantastic.Sahir and Savir both were glued to the screen and didn’t want the session to end.

We all thought it might be a talk about snakes and reptiles but we never expected someone to show up with real snakes and Gecko’s in a live session.There is nothing better than the real thing.Chandini conducted the class superbly!

Thank you for coming up with something out of the box.Both my kids cannot stop taking about what they saw and what they learned today.

Esha Chawla (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Ms. Neha,

Thank you for this appreciation mail. The virtual classes are very interesting and in our last mail we appreciated that as well.Akkshath will be delighted to see your appreciation mail.

Also,Thanks for all the hard work you all do. Akkshath loves his school and it’s easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic way you all deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our son is learning so much.

You all are doing a fantastic job!

Simran (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Ms Rashi , Ms Pooja, Ms Shikha

I want to thank three of you for putting so much effort for making learning easy and child friendly (very important for virtual classes) for our kids!

I appreciate from the bottom of my heart all your hard work. On a special note I would want to thank Ms Rashi for her ever smiling face 😀. I don’t know how she lives up to it....:)

Samrath enjoys her sessions.. she makes them so interesting and lively. In words put by Samrath ,” Ms Rashi is very kind. She helps in finding our journals, she is very helpful “.

I take this opportunity to thank all primary mentors for taking us -parents and children on the journey of this virtual world.

Gurleen Khurana, Mother of Raihat Khurana (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Hi Mam,

Raihat thoroughly enjoyed the session. Very engaging and super fun. I personally attended the class for 5-7 minutes and must say it was quite impressive. Looking forward to more sessions like these.


Natasha Dawar (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Dear Pooja and Divya ma'am,

We had so much fun during the creepy conservation talk with Ms. Chandini. Thank you so much for organising this for us.

I was mesmerised with the snakes particularly 'baby corn'.

Thank you :)

Gavakshi Bhatia, Parent of Hridaan and Drishika Bhatia (NFC) - 22 April 2020

Good morning,

A Big thank you to the ARDEE school team for arranging a very enlightening session on Creepy conservations on the occasion of Earth Day. I myself was intrigued to hear the session and have a look at those creatures . Children really enjoyed the session.

Thank you

Archana Ranjan (Goa) - 22 Apr, 2020

Dear Kripa,

First of all please accept my apologies for the late email.

Thank you to the teachers, staff and management. The thank you is for being so proactive and coming up with a solution for online teaching and having the systems in place right from the time the crisis hit us.

The teachers are doing a great job in keeping the kids engaged and seeing that they are not left behind on the acedemic front, kuddos to them. I know how difficult it must be for them given they must be having the house chore to complete and family and kids who are home and have to be looked after. They sure are very proffesional and imparting great values to the kids.

Special mention to the arts, sports and drama teachers it must be difficult for them but are doing a great job to impart their curriculum. Also, appreaciate that the teacher are being innovative and using quizes , powerpoint presentationsand other innovative way to teach the kids. The admin staff and other staff that is working in the background have also to be appreaciated for solving queries helping us in the initial day nad now ass well when we face issues to get online.

The management for having the vision to invest in technology and seeing that not much disruption is happening during the academic year.

Neha Arora (NFC Parents) - 20 April 2020

Dear Ma’am

I’m Neha Arora Mother of Ruhaan Arora (blue Indigo) this email is just to say thanks to you all .

The online classes are just amazing ...Ruhaan is really enjoying and most of all learning a lot ...honestly the upside to this corona virus has been that we as parents got to see how the teachers teach ...i am actually really pleasantly surprised looking at the teaching style ...the way the teachers are handling the classes with so much patience and at the same time being able to keep them involved ..honestly keeping 4 year olds in front of the screen for 2 hrs is really commendable...

Each and every child is given a Chance and the best part is the way all the children Keep waiting for their turns to come .. Special thanks to Ms.Arushi and Ms.Chitra they both are doing amazing work ....thank you ma’am for bringing a smile on our faces every morning :)

Thanks again for all the effort. Hoping to see u all again really really soon :)

Shiv & Abhinandini - 17 April 2020

Dearest Ardee faculty & Aditi and Chavi (Mentors)

Hope you and your dear ones are safe in lockdown.

Lockdown came as a big surprise for all of us. As adults we can understand and adjust with the gravity of the situation but for kids it was an unprecedented event. Thanks to your lovely team of teachers who have held hands of each and every kid through their rigorous virtual classes and work tirelessly to keep the education going.

A big salute to all of you who understand and prioritise education of our children even during events of crisis. Vedanshi wakes up everyday, excited about her virtual classes. The thought of meeting her teachers and classmates leaves shimmering shine and twinkle in her eyes for the rest of the day.

Vedanshi awaits eagerly meeting everyone in person till then she wishes everyone to stay home and stay safe. Applauds to team Ardee.

Esha & Kapil Chawla - 16 April 2020

Dear Ms. Chanda/Ms. Neha,

Hope all of you and your family are doing well.

We would like to Thank all the teachers and staff of Ardee School NFC. Akkshath is loving these virtual classes and the best part is,able to absorb the knowledge and information provided during virtual classes.

We are extremely assured with Akkshath being part of this institution. Hope this Quarantine gets over soon and we could see smiling faces of the kids and staff.

Akkshath is so much missing the warm hugs by all of you. As always our school has taken things to the next level and showed everyone that nothing can stop us. We are with all of you to encourage and support in all the efforts taken by the school.

A big applause for the entire Ardee Team.

Aakriti Bawa (Aaina Bawa’s Mother -EYFS B) - 9 April 2020

Dear Ma’am,

My daughter has been attending the online sessions and she is really enjoying it.

It’s commendable the way Vrinda Mam is investing in each kid. We are happy to have her as Aaina’s class mentor.

Thanks for all the effort, this is helping getting kids back to some routine and to stay connected with each other.

Wonderful effort, kudos!! to the team.

Jasmine - 7 April 2020

Dear Chanda Ma’am,

Hope this message finds you in the best of health and high spirits.

I am Jasmine, I am teaching in EYFS E at The Ardee School, NFC. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting the meeting in the morning for us. Those kind words were the best way to start our virtual classes today. After that I could genuinely feel a confidence because of your words that we are the unsung heroes and we have to keep our head held high.

Last night I was tossing and turning thinking what would happen in the class tomorrow as we have 5 year old children and the parents would be there with them at all times. I thought to myself how much judgement would I get. But today I received these mails right after finishing the class and it made me feel so blessed, proud and thankful.

People are donating so much money, helping so many people by going out, giving them food, water and other supplies. I use to sit at home and feel what am I doing for the society. What is my part in making it better?

In the morning I was too occupied with my own thoughts and didn’t know what to feel or say.

But now I know what I am feeling, I am feeling gratitude and thankful because I have this opportunity to teach and it is the biggest role I could play in this pandemic. When everything is shut, actors are sitting home, when huge MNC’s, industries have come to a standstill. We the teachers are working.

I would say this is REVOLUTION. Thankyou for letting me be a part of this school and this profession , truly truly grateful and blessed. Thankyou, thankyou , thankyou!

P.S.- attaching the mails for you to see. Sorry for writing such a long message. But I really wanted to share this feeling with you.

With lots of love and thanks :)

Written by Ms Preeti Saran - Coordinator - The Ardee School, Gurugram - 7 April 2020



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