Ravish Chawla & Dr. Dimple Chawla - 5 Nov 2019

A very good morning to you.

We are so glad to see this information about our child becoming socially active and engaging in to work activities so nicely. A big thanks to the mentors. you guys are doing excellent work on children and shaping their behaviour ,their future as well .....I truly agree to the fact that it totally depends upon parents teacher partnership on enhancing their positive attitude towards life respectively.

Thanks a lot.

Ankisha Jain - 22 Oct 2019

Ardee school

It was an amazing event and brilliant idea you have put in and it was great that all the mothers and children made all the effort to make it grand success.

All the staff and teachers have put lot of effort to make the character book parade a successful event! I am sure who ever participated must had gala time and beautiful experience and making the child and mother both involved at home for this activity to think different.

Waiting for such more good initiative ahead!

Shweta Jain - 22 Oct 2019

Dear Ma’am

Today’s character study parade was brilliantly done by the children and amazingly organized by the teachers and staff. It made me so happy to see our kids and teachers participating with so much enthusiasm. There were characters like hanuman Ji, Ram ji, Cinderella, Caterpillar, Floyd, Prince, Cop, Thief and many others which stole my heart with their dressing up and performance. The icing on cake was when children were made to talk about their characters where they spoke with so much of confidence and precision.

I thank all the teachers staff and didi’s for shaping up the kids so beautifully in this young age. It was such a wonderful experience and has left me with great memories. The excitement and smiles on their faces was unmatchable. I am so grateful to the respected staff for a making it so beautiful for us.

Sweta Walia - Dated: 24 Sep, 2019

Dear Mam,

I would like to say thank Ms Garima Mam for enriching Navya with great value & knowledge.

Just wanted to share today's incident. She took 2 mugs and was mixing water and told me that this is called Adulteration. I was really overwhelmed to know that she can speak such long words at her age.

Once again thank you Mam.

Mansi & Rajat Mehra - Dated: 30 Aug, 2019

Dear Ms. Shivani, Ms. Shikha, Ms. Khushboo, Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Navya

Thank you for all the wonderful things you are teaching the kids at school. Things that are a part of their amazing curriculum and things beyond the assigned curriculum.

Our 3year old daughter came back home and started talking about PV Sindhu. She used words like racquet, shuttle cock, badminton, shuttler, world championship and gold medal to explain us all that she had learnt at school. She wanted to celebrate PV Sindhu's victory and so we made a little collage dedicated to her.

We were truly amazed by her awareness and more so by the excitement created by her around the whole event, all the credit for which entirely and obviously goes to the school and Nitara's mentors.

Am attaching a picture of Nitara with the collage and more importantly with the smile and happiness you are bringing into her life. Thank you for teaching my daughter that with hard work, perseverance and dedication anything can be made possible.

Mansi & Rajat Mehra - (Nitara Rajat Mehra, 1A) - Dated: 28 Aug, 2019

Dear Ms.Priyanka,

It was such a wonderful experience attending the Open House session. The interactive session with you was extremely meaningful as it gave me an in-depth knowledge of Nitara's learning graph, her interests and her strengths.

The curriculum Ardee has in itself is amazing and the way it is being taught by you is commendable. Learning process for Nitara is full of joy and creativity. A big thank you as you give wings to Nitara's imagination and help her soar.

It was amazing to hear the kind of in depth knowledge you had of each and every student of yours. Your happy and delightful demeanour is surely contagious & Nitara is trying to imbibe all the good from you. Thank you Ms. Shivani, Ms. Shikha and Ms.Khushboo for your constant inputs, initiatives and hard work.

Thank you,

Niharika Makhijani - Dated: 25 Aug, 2019


I'm mother of Yuvana makhijani from Nido Jade. I'd really like to take a moment to thank you all for the efforts you guys put in everything. It's commendable the amount of hard work the coordinators and the mentors put in any special event to make it memorable for the mothers and children.

The farm day and the Independence Day celebrations were just superb !

Yuvana loved playing with the baby rabbits and chicken and loved the canvas painting. She proudly came home and showed everyone what she made in school!

She anyways just loves Ms. Supriya and every time sits in the car thinks we are heading to her "ma'am" ! This is the impact you guys have created on my daughter that she just waits to go to school everyday! I'd really with all my heart like to thank you for everything you all do for us !

Stuti Garg - Dated: 20 Aug, 2019

Hello Shikha and Shivani,

Firstly thank you for sharing the details of NGO's that needed help.

Following up with one of the NGO's I planned on donating lots of toys, games, unused stationery like pencils, crayons or notebooks, paints, tashya's shoes, clothes for the center of Sahyog Care for You.

However, I decided to take Tashya along with me because the experience of joy of giving would have been incomplete. So we geared up with our bags and with 30 newly purchased sets of stationery (notebooks, pencils sets, crayons and sketch pens) at this small classroom run by the Sahyog Care in a rather remote locality, near Paschim Vihar. The children greeted us with a loud and enthusiastic good afternoon and were glad receiving our humble tokens. They even spoke to Tashya, who was initially hesitant, soon gladly distributing and smiling with the children.

As soon as we stepped out and said goodbye, the first thing Tashya said to me, Mum next time we are not using something for a long time, we could collect and bring it here. That is all a mother longs to hear, a child being grateful for what they have and learning to share and give with a big heart.

Thank you,

Surbhi Balana (M/O Aadya Balana - Blue Teal) - Dated: 13 May, 2019

Dear ma'am

We are delighted to share video of mother's day song sung by my daughter. She was so excited to perform and prepare the card.

Thank you for all the effort.

Shweta Baluja - Dated: 13 May, 2019

To The Headmistress

Thank you for the beautiful activities you guys plan at the school. Here I am talking about the Mother's Day activity, which my son Sahaye of Red Scarlet really loved and enjoyed. Sharing photos of the same with you too, looking forward to more such moments together! Thanku again for making Mother's Day so special for me.

Naina Sahni - Mother of Rishaan Sahni (Blue Sky) - Dated: 12 May, 2019

Dear Mentors

Wishing all mommy mentors a very Happy Mother's Day and thanking each one of you for making this day so special for me too today. Attaching my son, Rishaan s mother video herewith. Thank you so much for these priceless moments.

Neha Gupta - Dated: 12 May, 2019

Hello ma'am

Nairiti, Kridaya and Atharva thoroughly loved to visit the polling booth. They saw the EVM machine, candidate n party list, got their finger inked, etc. Thanks a lot for telling us to take the kids along.

Shivam Tandon (F/o Sairah Tandon And Vedaansh Tandon) - Red Coral - Dated: 12 May, 2019

Mentors of Class 1 A & Headmistress (The Ardee School)

Respected Teachers

I am Shivam Tandon father of Sairah Tandon (class 1 A ) and Vedaansh Tandon (Red coral A) and I am writing this mail to thank you for encouraging us parents to take our children for voting and show them the process. I was so surprised to see my daughter and hear her talk about the entire voting process, her concepts and knowledge about the parties and their symbols were so clear.

I personally wanted to thank the mentors for putting in so much efforts.

M/o Aadhavan Bhandari - Red Coral B - Dated: 12 May, 2019

Dear mentors,

It was a lovely experience making that bookmark. Aadhavan was really quick with all the shapes. It took some effort to get him to sing the song.He saw the video of a kid on the Ardee Facebook group and shared a few words with me.

Thank you all for putting in this special effort. Really means a lot. Sharing some pics and videos.

Aditi Tekriwal - Dated: 10 May, 2019

Dear Nikhar,

The school taught this song for the upcoming mother's day. My daughter, Miraya Tekriwal studying in Blue Indigo insisted that I have to share the video of her singing the same in the school. Please find the same attached and inform her class mentor. Also thank you Ardee and her mentors for the same.

Gauri Parakh - Dated: 10 May, 2019

Dear Mentors, headmistress and school team,

It feels absolutely great and so loving to hear my little bud sing the happy mother's day song to me the one she’s been taught by uncle Jose.

We can't thank you all enough for the efforts you have taken in making our children being able to express their love and appreciate to their mothers.

Feeling blessed!

Nishtha Arora - Dated: 8 May, 2019

Dear Ardee school,

Krish doesn't talk about school at home. He never tells me what he did in school when asked. Yesterday night krish post dinner stood up and sang a lovely song for me for mother's day. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. Thankyou to the mentors and the entire team of Ardee. He sang the song for his grandmother too.

Thankyou. We appreciate your efforts.

Afsana Chowdhri - Dated: 8 May, 2019

Dear shivani / Shikha maam

I would like to drop in a message to appreciate the fantastic show put up by Ms Rummy Ms Neha and Ms supriya for the nido kids. The bear hunt was simply superb and very well executed, the kids had an absolute blast.

My son Udayveerr of nido emerald. Loved walking through the plants, the sand, the snow pit, the lake and the jumping on the bed.

Kudos to the team !

Afsana and Siddharth Chowdhri - Dated: 8 May, 2019

Dearest Chanda ma'am and the management at Ardee SSP

I wanted to give general feedback about the school and how it's helped my son Aryaveer P chowdhri of EYFS 1/3 last academic year.

Firstly I would like to thank and appreciate Pooja and Shivani ma'am for all the hard work they tirelessly put in with the kids!They are always available to the parents whether it's a discussion or query !

I want to thank Vrinda maam Divya ma'am for doing a fabulous job with my son Aryaveer! You both have been amazing and he’s very lucky to have had his mentors as you !Thank you!

Whether it was the smooth transition from SSP to NFC, the student led conference or the author day, everything was wonderful and a delight to watch !

Thank you to Shikha whom I have troubled on various occasions this past year, for putting up with my constant queries and concerns ! She has always been extremely helpful!

A big thank you to Nikhar for accommodating us, and organizing everything when the need arises!

And to you Chanda ma'am for all that you do! We love you !


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