Punnya Vij

Principal Counsellor and Founder | EduCoach Services


College and Career Guidance Counsellor at The Ardee Schools

EduCoach Services is the official career centre arm of The Ardee Schools New Friends Colony, Goa and Gurugram, and Mr. Punnya Vij, Founder and Managing Director, EduCoach Services, is the Principal College and Guidance Counsellor.

Applying to university is indeed a daunting task- over 50,000 prominent universities worldwide, over 800 unique courses to choose from, and each country and / or university has a unique approach to the application, and a different timeline/deadline to apply. Moreover, it is not about the final application made to a university but the meticulous profile development process followed during Years 8 to 12 that leads to a 'winning story' in the end. With competition soaring high across all countries - DU colleges continually declaring almost unrealistic cut offs, American Ivy League colleges accepting less than 8% of the students applying, and almost every college looking for something innovative in a student's profile, it is important that students take this process solemnly all through the high school years.

EduCoach Services is committed to provide unflinching support to each student at all The Ardee Schools and help each student get into his dream college / course / career. Some of the deliverables are:

  • Career Counselling sessions every month: All students of Year 8 and above have monthly career counselling sessions interwoven into their schedule where each student discusses her/his doubts pertaining to colleges and careers. Recent updates on universities, colleges and upcoming careers are discussed and drills on writing essays, personal statements, etc. are given.
  • Psycho-Aptitude Testing – EduCoach Services conducts a self developed psycho-aptitude assessment for all its students to guide them on IGCSE / A Level subjects and corresponding careers and universities that one must look at.
  • Detailed guidance on Essays / Personal Statements / Statement of Purpose (SOP) – Students are taught how to articulate crisp, yet exhaustive, personal statements and essays. Attention is paid to all aspects: expression of thought, grammar, creativity, content and what each university looks for in specific.
  • Guidance on building a robust profile – Students are advised on what summer programmes / college bridge programmes to choose, suitable internship opportunities during holidays, online courses, skill building workshops, leadership conclaves, and any other immersion activity that will add another dimension to their profile.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.