‘Every student can learn; just not on the same day or in the same way.’ - George Evans

The Ardee school recognises that children may have unique learning styles and therefore need unique ways of teaching. The school welcomes students with special educational needs (SEN) and supports them in reaching their potential, when the school is able to meet the educational, psychological, and social needs of the student. The Learning Support department of the school works in collaboration with the parents, the senior leadership team, key stage coordinators, mentors, counsellor, and external agencies. It supports students whose learning needs may not be fully met in the classroom. Therefore, the aim is to empower students for learning successes in school that will motivate and build confidence.
The department believes:

  • inclusion is an ‘ongoing process’ that is achieved through collaboration, valuing student diversity and respecting individual learning differences
  • understanding students’ unique learning styles is paramount in building self-confidence and self-advocacy skills
  • in recognising the equal responsibility of all stakeholders for the overall development of the student

The school promotes inclusive education by increasing access and participation of students in their learning process. The nature of support may include in-class support and/or remedial lessons outside class to students with mild to moderate learning needs by SEN teachers. In case a student needs full one-on-one support, a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) will be employed. The department offers various levels of the support keeping in mind the curriculum, areas to be developed and skills to be build.

At the time of admission, parents should declare to the school if their child has any special/additional learning needs. However, when not declared, the school admission team may examine the student, identify the need, and discuss the nature of support required before an admission offer is made. In case, the child is already enrolled in school, the school intends to identify these special educational needs through a systematic referral process and a team of specialists so that the student can be supported accordingly, or in case of needs that cannot be supported by the school, the appropriate advice and counselling is provided.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.